d-basic Portal

d‑basics Collector carries out her activities in close cooperation with d‑basics Portal. Where d‑basics Collector takes care of the actual extraction activities does d-basic Portal provide a number of services to keep this running as smoothly as possible.
d‑basics Portal is a website that provides a number of background services for d‑basics Collector:
 Request and monitor the installation d‑basics Collector

Partners of d‑basics can request the installation of d‑basics Collector for their clients via d‑basics Portal.

By completing a wizard the partner provides all of the information that is relevant for the installation and this information is used to create the initial configuration of d‑basics Collector.

After receiving an installation request, the Help desk of d‑basics takes care of delivering and installing the software and the (requesting) partner can monitor the progress of these activities via d‑basics Portal.

 Distribution of software

d‑basics Portal contains the latest versions of the ClickOnce installer and of all of the plugins of d‑basics Collector.

Each time d‑basics Collector is started, the software checks for updates and applies them if d‑basics Portal indicates that one or more updates are required.

Only required updates will be applied automatically, updates will be skipped if d‑basics Portal indicates that they are optional.

 Central storage of d‑basics Collector settings

In case of a complete new installation of d‑basics Collector, d‑basics Help desk prepares an initial configuration on d‑basics Portal. This configuration contains all of the settings that are available at that time and it is loaded into d‑basics Collector automatically during the first time the software is started.

After the initial configuration is loaded, the remainder of the settings is completed in cooperation with d‑basics Help desk. Any changes to settings that occur than or any time or later will be synchronized with d‑basics Portal.

The instance of settings on d-basics portal can be used to automatically re-configure a fresh install of d‑basics Collector in case the local copy of the settings is lost.

Further the online instance of settings can be reviewed and changed by d‑basics Helpdesk and these changes will be applied automatically to d‑basics Collector the next the software is started.

 Monitor d‑basics Collector

When d‑basics Collector is used, information that helps to monitor its performance is uploaded to d‑basics Portal.

This information is used to improve the software and also enables the Help desk of d‑basics to pro-actively deal with matters that require attention.

 User management

A user account is required to access to d‑basics Portal and d‑basics Collector and to view information, perform actions or manage system settings a user must have the required user rights.

Managing these user accounts and user rights goes through d‑basics Portal and can be done by client users with administrative privileges.

 Ticket system

d‑basics Portal includes a ticket system to manage Help desk and development activities.

For each activity that can be managed by this system a ticket is created - either manually of automatically - and the tasks that are required to complete an activity are scheduled.

The activities that are carried out to complete tasks are registered by d‑basics Helpdesk and both clients and partners can generate reports that allow them to monitor progress of those activities that are related to them

 Subscription management

A subscription is required to use d‑basics Collector and d‑basics Portal and the functionality that will be offered depends on the kind of subscription that was taken out.

Subcriptions are managed via d‑basics Portal, here clients and partners can renew, change and cancel the subscriptions which are linked to their accounts.