Company profile

d-basics b.v.

d-basics b.v. is a privately owned company that was founded in 2004 and is situated in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands.

Since the start, the main activity of d-basics b.v. has been developing and distributing data extraction software. This software extracts information from many different data sources and converts it to a large number of predefined data file formats.

Most of our clients use our software to share financial information with financial service suppliers such as banks, factoring companies, credit insurance companies, credit managers etc.

Since 2004 the d-basics software has been used by more than 10000 companies, of which a significant part is still an active user.

The majority of the companies that use the d-basics extraction software is situated in one of the Western European countries and the d-basics helpdesk can support these clients in Dutch, English, French, German and Italian.

With both our software and service d-basics b.v. provides a comprehensive data extraction solution for financial service providers that periodically need to receive and process financial information from their clients.

d-basics Creditline

The data extraction software that is currently used by our clients is called d-basics Creditline.

This software is installed within the environment of our clients, extracts information through a direct connection with the database of an accounting package and has preconfigured connectors for a large number of different accounting packages.

Information is extracted through a read only connection so the integrity of the accounting package cannot be compromised. Once extracted, information is sent through secure connections from the client directly to the recipient which guarantees the security of information.

d-basics Collector and d-basics Portal

In 2015 d-basics b.v. started with the development of software that will gradually replace d-basics Creditline.

This new data extraction solution consists of two parts: d-basics Collector and d-basics Portal.

D-basics Collector is a ClickOnce application that is installed within the environment of clients to take care of the extraction, processing and upload of financial information.

During this process plugins and settings are loaded which are distributed by d-basics Portal. This is an Azure based online platform which also offers a client management system that is used by the d-basics Helpdesk to manage and support clients.

D-basics Collector and d-basics Portal significantly improve the flexibility, performance, scalability, maintainability and user friendliness of the data extraction solution offered by d-basics.

Distribution of the new data extraction solution has started in June 2017.

Etten-Leur, July 2017