How to order and install?

Step 1: partner submits installation request

In general it is a partner of d-basics (banks, factoring companies, etc.) that requests the installation of d-basics Collector at one of her clients.

To submit this request the partner completes an online request form to send the client's address and contact information and all relevant technical details to d-basics.

Step 2: d-basics helpdesk processes installation request

After receiving an installation request, d-basics helpdesk makes sure that it is complete and sends client's primary contact person an e-mail with instructions on how to create a user account and provide the remaining information required to complete the request.

Step 3: client completes client survey

To complete the request, a client must create a user account and complete the client survey which gathers information about the persons that will use d-basics Collector and about the accounting package that is used by the client.

Step 4: send installation instructions

After receiving a completed client survey, d-basics helpdesk creates a contract for each of client's companies that must upload information and sends installation instructions to client's installation contact.

Step 5: download, install and configure software.

After receiving the installation instructions, a client can install the d-basics Collector click-once application by clicking a download link.

After installing the software and logging in, the preconfigured settings are downloaded from d-basics Portal. To complete these settings, the client must configure the connection with the database of the accounting packages and manage filters and custom fields (if required).

Step 6: online support from d-basics helpdesk

Shortly after sending the installation instructions, d-basics helpdesk will contact the client to check if the installation and configuration of the software was completed successfully.

If the client needs help to complete these steps, d-basics helpdesk makes a remote desktop connection to the computer of the client and guides the client through the remainder of the installation and configuration.

Step 7: Monitor progress until first successful upload

Once the installation of d-basics Collector is completed, data files can be uploaded to the partner that requested the installation.

As long as this initial upload has not been completed successfully, d-basics helpdesk will keep monitoring the client's progress and offer assistance if neccessary.