Frequently asked questions

d-basics Collector is data extraction software. The program is used by companies that must frequently send up to date financial information to financial service suppliers (such as banks, factoring companies, credit managers and retail service organisations).
d-basics Collector automatically extracts the required financial information from the database of an accounting package. Once extracted the information can be saved in the desired file format and transmitted to the financial service supplier with a push of a button.
Because d-basics Collector can connect to more than 730 different types of accounting packages a solution is available for the majority of commonly used accounting packages. The number of available interfaces steadily increases as they are developed continuously.
Yes, click here for an actual list of connected accounting packages.
No, during the extraction information is only read from the database and no information is changed, added or deleted. As a result the accounting package cannot be affected by d-basics Collector [D-basics Collector is weekly used by thousands of companies without causing problems with the accounting packages].
In general a request to deliver d-basics Collector to a company is sent to d-basics by the financial service supplier (that will eventually receive the data files). After receiving this request, d-basics sends and e-mail with a download instruction to the company that is going to use Collector. This e-mail also contains the license key that is needed to activate the program. It is of course also possible that the company contacts d-basics directly to order the software.
Installation is a very straight forward procedure that can be carried out by the company itself. A step by step guide describes the steps of the installation process.
There are no specific requirements, d-basics Collector can be installed on a standard workstation or (terminal) server.
In certain cases an ODBC driver is required, this is software that is used to make a connection with the database of an accounting package. If an ODBC driver is required, it usually is part of the accounting package. There are however situations that an ODBC driver has to be bought separately (prices varying from ten to more than thousand euro). Please note that the d-basics software does not include ODBC drivers.
Yes, the telephone number of the d-basics helpdesk is +31 76 523 90 40 and it can be reached on Dutch working days between 08:30u tot 17:00u (UTC+1).
The remote desktop software (ISL Light of Netviewer) allows the helpdesk to remotely control the computer of a client. This makes it easier to diagnose problems and solve them. To establish the connection with the computer, the client must enter a session code. During the remote desktop session the client can reclaim control or disconnect the session at any time. Once the session is disconnected it is not possible to re-connect without the cooperation of the client. Also see 'Online support'.
Yes, the company fully controls the transmission of data files. The files are only sent after manually starting the transmission process. For those companies that want this process to be started automatically the additional module ‘Import scheduler’ is available that automatically triggers the transmission of data files on a predefined schedule.
d-basics Collector can transmit data files using all common techniques (webservice, sftp, e-mail…). The kind of technique that is used depends on technical infrastructure of the recipient.
No, prior to transmitting the information is encrypted.
No, d-basics Collector does not give external parties– such as factoring companies, banks, credit managers and retail service providers – access to your computer. Neither are they able to remotely initiate the transmission of data files, this is exclusively reserved to the company.