Data extraction

d-basics Collector - the data extraction software of d-basics - is a ready made comprehensive solution for sending information to factoring companies, banks, credit management solutions, business information providers etc.

Information is copied from accounting package

d-basics Collector is installed within the computer environment of the company that wants to send information (the client).

To collect information, d-basics Collector connects to the database of the accounting package that is used by the sender.

Through this connection the required information is automatically copied and stored in the database of d-basic Collector for further processing.

When information is copied, only read actions are executed, therefore the integrity of the database of the accounting package cannot be compromised.

Adapted to partner

After the information has been imported from the accounting package, d-basics Collector automatically creates data files in the file format as prescribed by the organization that wants to receive the information (the partner).

These data files are sent to the partner via a secure connection and - because the files are in the correct file format - can be processed by the partner without the need of any 'pre-processing'.

Click here for a list of supported partners.

One solution for all clients

With the possibility to connect to more than 800 different kinds of accounting packages, d-basics Collector can provide a solution in nearly every situation.

This makes it significantly easier for both client and partner to implement a service which depends on a reliable upload of information.

Click here for a list of supported accounting packages.

Easy to implement

Because d-basics Collector is a ready made solution, it is easy to implement.

The software is installed within the computer environment of the company that wants to upload data and the actual installation and configuration is actively supported by d-basics Service Desk.

Depending on the wishes of the client, the software can be installed on a regular workstation, a server, in a terminal server environment or at a hosting provider.

If all prerequisites are met, the installation can be completed within half an hour.


The services that are provided by the partners of d-basics depend on a reliable upload of information. Therefore d-basics Service Desk provides all the support that is required for a quick implementation of d-basics Collector and to keep the software operational once it has been installed and configured

During the installation phase, d-basics Service Desk will actively contact the client for the installation and configuration of the software. Once the software is operational the client may contact the Service Desk in case of questions or problems with software.

d-basics Service Desk is available on Dutch working days between 8:30 and 17:00 (CET) and support is offered in Dutch, English, German and French.

Fixed price

An annual subscription fee is charged for the use of d-basics Collector and the amount of this fee depends on the number of plugins that must be activated for a client.

Because each plug-in has a fixed price and because it is clear which plug-ins are required to upload information to a specific partner, it is possible to tell in advance what the costst of d-basics Collector will be.

With the exception of custom made adjustments, these costs will be the same for all clients of a specific partner. This makes it easier for partners to inform their clients about the data extraction service of d-basics.


The way d-basics Collector processes information guarantees the security of that information:

  • a user name and password is required to get access to d-basics Collector
  • information that is copied from the accounting package is stored in an encrypted and password protected database
  • information is processed within the computer environment of the company that sends the information
  • the data files that are created by d-basics Collector are sent directly to the partner that wants to receive the information (without passing through any d-basics server)
  • data files are sent to a partner over a secure encrypted connection


d-basics offers a fully supported, easy to implement and secure data extraction solution at a fixed price.

Advantages sender (client)

  • the service that depends on the upload of information will be available much quicker
  • no need to go through the trouble of developing an own solution
  • much cheaper than developing an own solution
  • saves time
  • updates in case of new version accounting package
  • reliable fully automatic upload of data
  • easier to fulfill data upload obligations
  • customizable to client's needs
  • supported by a specialized service desk
  • ...

Advantages receiver (partner)

  • arranging the upload of data is no blocking issue in sales process
  • the service that is sold to a client will become operational quicker
  • no need to assist client with arranging the data upload
  • fewer errors due to more complete and technically correct data files
  • no need to maintain data extraction expertise within own organization
  • prevents fraud
  • higher client satisfaction
  • ...