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Sinko Borst joins board of directors at d-basics

01 Feb, 2021 | Return|

As per February 1st, Sinko Borst will join de board of Directors at d-basics. He will be responsible for the Commercial and Operational activities.

Together with Bas Dorrepaal  (Managing Director) he will form the management team that will further develop the company into the next face of its growth.

“D-basics has seen a great development over the last 25 years”, Sinko says.
“We help a lot of financial institutions and end-users with their need for financial data-transmission. This has expanded into a global operation.
In addition to this, we are launching solutions that also analyze data and create information that will make a lot of processes much more efficient and reduces risk for all parties involved. An example of this is Asset-Basics. This allows for a complete and automated way of asset-based finance. 

In times like these, it is important that companies can work smart and fast with their financial partners, such as their bank. This will contribute to a more healthy economy. I know from experience that d-basics solutions are very effective in doing just that.
That is why I am proud and happy to join d-basics.”

Sinko has worked at Graydon for 15 years in several jobs. He was responsible for the operational activities in the Netherlands and later as the commercial director in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. 
“During this time I have done a lot of work in a heavily automated and data driven environment. D-basics has always proven to be a reliable partner during this time. 
The past 5 years, as Marketing Director B2B at DPGmedia (known as the owner of AD, de Volkskrant, Q-Music, Independer, Tweakers and, I have worked on large digitization projects during the strong growth of the company. 
Getting value from data intelligence and automating complex processes within large and smaller companies are therefore familiar territory.”

The success in recent years and the developments in the market make it possible to take the next step in the growth of D-basics. Bas Dorrepaal; “With the latest version of our software, which will be released in the course of 2021, we can take another major step in our growth. Given the quality and experience of Sinko, I am convinced that he will make a significant contribution to realizing this growth. ” 

Would you like to know more about d-basics or its products? Please contact Sinko Borst or leave a message.


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