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Busy due to new financial year

04 Jan, 2021 | Return|

A new calendar year for many companies also means a new financial year.

When creating such a new financial year certain accounting packages create an entirely new database to store the financial information.

In case of these accounting packages, the settings of the d-basics software must be adjusted so that information is imported from the database of the new fiscal year.

Furthermore, the start of a new financial year is often also the time when companies switch to a new accounting package.

These two things make that the service desk of d-basics is always very busy in January.

As this may be at the expense of availability, we recommend the following to customers:

  1. Check yourself if data is imported correctly or not. To do this, import the information into the d-basics program and then check - using the reports with imported information - whether recent transactions (invoices, payments, etc.) are properly imported by the program.

    If only data from 2020 is shown, the connection with the accounting package probably needs to be reconfigured. If the reports do include transactions that originate from 2021, the connection with the accounting package in general does not have to be reconfigured.

  2. For support, please contact the d-basics service desk by calling +31 (0)76-523 90 40. Support requests that are sent to the service desk by e-mail will only be dealt with up to the extent that the telephone activities allow for this.

  3. Postpone non-urgent cases matters until February. Usually by then the service desk will be less busy and will have time to pick up less urgent matters.

  4. The peak hours of our service desk are between 10:30am and 3.30pm (CET). If you have difficulties to reach us we recommend you call us between 8:30am and 10:30am (CET) or between 3.30pm and 5.30pm (CET).

With these recommendations we hope to limit the impact of the new financial year on the availability of the service desk and should things sometimes take a little longer than we hope for your understanding.

Also see the document 'Guideliness_for_creating_a_new_financial_year.pdf' with additional information about the creation of a new financial year.



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