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Friday, October 31, 2014

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+31-76-523 90 40
(8:30 - 17:00 CET)
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d-basics copies information from the database of accounting software...

...and offers a variety of modules to process this information.


Change telephone number helpdesk

Articled 5 months ago

As of today the d-basics helpdesk can be contacted - at regular (international) phone rates - using the telephone number +31 76 523 90 40.


Software interfaces
Current version
  • Cashflow

    Do your debtors always pay in time?

    Cashflow offers everything that is required to conduct proper credit management.

  • QuickScan

    Monitor the performance of your company.

    Quickscan generates management information that can be updated without effort.

  • Tax

    Digital declarations for Dutch tax authorities.

    Send VAT, salary tax and ICP declarations in the required digital format to the Dutch tax authorities.

  • Risk Monitor

    Monitor the financial condition of customers and suppliers.

    Risk Monitor automatically checks the credit limits and financial condition of your customers and suppliers

  • Creditline

    Collect and send financial information.

    Modules to send financial information to banks, factoring companies and other financial service providers.